Monday, October 14, 2013

The Global Scholars October Community Meeting

Credit for this blog post goes to Class of 2016 Global Scholar Alex Braun. Thanks Alex! 

Professor Thomas Nassif
October’s Global Scholars meeting commenced with an insightful and informative mental health presentation from Professor Nassif. Professor Nassif spoke of the importance of sleep, exercise, and a proper diet on the maintenance of strong mental health in college students and people in general.

Professor Nassif recommends seven hours of sleep or more per night and that we avoid napping at all costs. Personally, that demand may be a little too large of a step right now, as most of my days include at least a half hour nap. As far as exercise goes, Professor Nassif stressed that as little as three hours of exercise per week may lessen our stress levels and promote longevity in our lives. Just a little rigorous cardio every day could go a long way, and the more we exercise, the easier it will become. Finally, Professor Nassif talked about the importance of a well-rounded diet including many fruits and vegetables. To combat aging, feel better, and look better, we should all try to address these three important aspects of our lives.

After the presentation, we all indulged ourselves with delicious empanadas from Julia’s Empanadas—I highly recommend them. At this point, the Global Scholars split off by year, the first years going to a course planning session and the second and third years meeting with Deloitte, a large consulting firm. The first years explored the complex system of course requirements and
options, had questions answered, and eased some of their doubts and worries. Deloitte, on the other hand, energized the upperclassmen by discussing life after college and opportunities within their firm.

The entire evening was well organized and very informative. I know that I learned a lot about cool sleep monitoring apps and mental health, in addition to the necessary stress abatement that came with the course-planning segment. An interesting and helpful evening, our Global Scholars meeting provided quite a service to everyone involved; I look forward to next time.