Sunday, February 26, 2012

Founders Ball Event! More pictures to come!

This year's Founder's Ball was held in the Library of Congress.  Needless to say, there was a mad rush for tickets.  Check out these pictures, taken by some of the lucky Global Scholars who got a spot at the dance!

            Left: Sarah Connolly with Conor Gallagher
            Right: with Brock Grecco

                                                                       Left: Elisa Frost                 Right: Will Whitalker

 Left to right: Grace Flaherty, Sarah Connolly, Audrey Vorhees, Colleen Flynn

Left to right: Grace Flaherty, Alison Pease, Emily Elliot-Meisel 

Left to right: Sarah Sonkin, Elisa Frost, Sarah Connolly, Audrey Vorhees, Allison Lajeski, Grace Flaherty

Sarah Connolly and Grace Flaherty

Classy Travelling with Will Whitalker

Left Image: Kathy Imbalzano and Elisa Frost. Right Image: Grace Flaherty and Matthew Goldberg

Will Whitalker and Elisa Frost

Left to Right: Brock Grecco, Matthew Goldberg, Micheal Kinzer

Brock, Allison, Connor, Sarah, Emily, Grace, Kathy, Matthew, Colleen, Nicole, and Kinzer all gathered on the steps

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