Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Community Meeting - October 2

The Global Scholars community meeting this week was filled with a great selection of Chinese food, useful information, and interesting guest speakers!

For the first half of the meeting the Global Scholars group was split between first and second year students. The second year students met the staff of the graduate advising and admissions offices in SIS and discussed the SIS BA/MA option available for Global Scholars students. The first year students met with the undergraduate advising office staff for general advice on how to structure coursework throughout the three year program. The summer study abroad options for 2013 will include opportunities in the Galapagos Islands and Turkey (more to come on this on another post).

The second half of the meeting, all the Global Scholars students were reunited and heard from two very interesting guest lecturers, one from the USAID and the other from the World Bank. The USAID speaker addressed mainly his work with smallholder farmers in the world's poorest countries and his efforts to change the way the US government handles food aid programs. The second speaker from the World Bank spoke on disaster risk reduction and recovery programs and international aid and humanitarian relief.

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