Thursday, November 1, 2012

Global Scholar First Year Student Featured in the SIS Newsletter

International Service Attracts Students
Tyler Steinhardt, SIS/BA'15, in Masaka, Uganda.
October 31, 2012
Tyler Steinhardt, SIS/BA '15, considered several D.C. universities, but his search ended when he reached SIS and saw a brochure for the Global Scholars three-year B.A. program.

"I thought the program was intense and strong," said the Baltimore native. "I liked how AU focused internationally and the strong international service program."

International service is a hallmark of Steinhardt's life. Through high school work with Fields of Growth International, he became familiar with the Holistic Organization for People's Empowerment for Uganda Locals (HOPEFUL), a nonprofit that harnesses "the passion of the lacrosse community into positive social impact through global leadership development, service and growing the game," according to its website. The program developed the HOPEFUL Uganda Peace Village and Orphan School, and the Uganda Lacrosse Union. In 2011, Steinhardt was named the Ugandan National Coach of the Year, and as general manager of the country's lacrosse team, he is training the players for the 2014 World Championships in Denver.

Steinhardt said balancing his work abroad with his academic requirements is essential to the Global Scholars program. "Global Scholars allows me to pursue the HOPEFUL initiative. It's a true grassroots nonprofit movement, and that's the real power in it."

Steinhardt also combined his love of lacrosse and his talent for service through another grassroots movement. The "Shootout for Soldiers," a 24-hour lacrosse game in Baltimore, raised over $120,000 for the Wounded Warrior Project in summer 2012.

"The event was way better than anyone expected," Steinhardt said. "We had a $10,000 goal, and we ended up raising $120,000. A thousand people played in the game; it was insane."

Steinhardt hopes to pursue a career linking sports and development, a combination made possible by the Global Scholars program.

"Global Scholars supports this dream. AU focuses on internships and doing what you love and pursuing that. That rang bells for me. 'Are you going to allow me to do what I want with my life?' " Steinhardt said. "That was a big thing."

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